Our Governors

Who are we?

Our Governing Body was reconstituted in July 2015.

Here is a list of our Governors, their designation as part of our structure and their term of office on our Governing Body:

Sandy Lane Governing Body 2019-2020

Core roles:

Co-Chair of Governors: Annekan Priesack and Jenny Sachar

Vice Chair of Governors: Ruth Bovill

Safeguarding Governors: Ruth Bovill Annekan Priesack


Register of Interests


Governor Register of Interests Summary


Governor Register of Business Interests

Attendance at meetings

2017-18 Governor Meeting Attendance

2017-18 governor meeting attendance

2018-19 Governor Meeting Attendance

Sandy Lane Governor Attendance 2018-2019

Governor Impact statement

Please see a summary of the impact of Governors at Sandy Lane here

Governor Visits

Please see a summary of the visits that Governors have made at Sandy Lane here

If you wish to contact our Chair of Governors, Annekan Priesack and Jenny Sachar, please leave a letter in a sealed envelope in the care of our Office Team, and we will ensure that this is passed on to him or email secretary@sandylanebracknell.com marking it for their attention.