Attendance at Sandy Lane Primary School 

There is a strong link between attendance to school and good progress and attainment. Children who attend school and attend on time are happier and do well in their learning.

We wish for all of our children to have the opportunity to achieve of their potential and to access the wonderful learning opportunities and exciting provision (curriculum and fun activities) that we  provide. We wish for children to be happy and to develop strong friendships.

We have many families who do have good attendance and attend on time however we do have some families who sadly do not seem to see this as a priority. We regularly analyse data and target the families who have poor attendance and/ or issues with punctuality. This includes persistent late collection from school. 

  • We do not authorise any holidays in term time. 
  • Please still send in your child even with colds, coughs and sniffles- we all attend work and school with these minor ailments (and it is hard to avoid these at times). Please only keep your child off school if they are very poorly.   
  • We are now ‘zero tolerance’ on unauthorised term time absence. We are now obliged to issue Penalty Notices to all families who meet the guidance for these. 

We work closely with the Educational Welfare Service (EWS) and our Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) to focus on strategies for raising attendance. Families who have poor attendance will be referred to the EWS after being encouraged to engage with school support systems and multi-agencies.

In 2016-17, our attendance was 94.8% which is below the national average.  We are aiming to meet this target at Sandy Lane. Our Attendance policy has been updated for September 2017. Our registers will close at 9am so children arriving after 9am will be marked as absent.

Attendance Policy 2019

Here is a link to Bracknell Forest Council’s website page on school attendance- please click here

Here is a leaflet by Bracknell Forest Council on Fixed Penalty Notices for unauthorised absence:


Here is guidance by Bracknell Forest Council on School Attendance:

Currently being updated, so here is the DfE guidance:

DfE advice on school attendance updated October 2014