School Lunches

School lunches are provided by Harrisons. They are cooked onsite and follow a set menu which rotates over three weeks. Year R, 1 and 2 eat their meals in the lower hall.Year 3-6 eat in the Upper Hall.

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Autumn wk 1

Autumn wk2

Autumn wk 3

Children in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 do not need to pay for lunches under the Universal Infant Free School Meal (UIFSM) scheme introduced in 2014.

Lunches for children in Years 3-6 now cost £2.20 and include a main meal and a pudding. Lunches should be paid for by online account.

Lunches must be paid for in advance and the easiest way to do this is online. The school school has a debt policy for lunch money and parents owing more than £4.40 (two meals) will have their child’s lunch account put on hold so that they cannot order a meal in class. Children will then need to order via the office and will only be able to order a jacket potato or a sandwich depending on the choice that day.

Any child ordering after 10am will only be able to order a sandwich.

Parents can order their child’s lunch themselves online but this must be done 48 hours before.